Oui McCarthy... Bientot!
I will talk with Morency to see if we can bring up our baby again
if youre ever looking to join or play join this discord [link]
Im also still up to play some ARMA so if we get back on our feet, let me know!
Well this is a surprise. I hope you guys get back on your feet soon! Let me know if we can help. Cheers
I was interested into joining in but I don't think that you guys will be active soon I suppose
this was not for seen
a temporary setback!
Damn sad to see that 7CMBG has slowed down as much as it did. Hopefully once I finish my DP1 I'll be able to get my computer back up and running
This is just a vacation! ;)
Bummer to see things have slowed down so much. I still like playing ARMA so if you guys ever decide to get back into it please let me know.
you can chat here!
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